Monday, September 27, 2010

Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Alexander Style)


I hope you've all read Alexander's No Good Very Bad Day at least once. It's a great children's book that teaches that everyone has bad days, even in Australia.

And what do you know, I had such a day.


1. My boss yelled at me. He asked me to meet him in the club room and I thought he said the conference room. My bad. When I finally did find him I was greeted by a man smoking a cigar and reading an newspaper, who uttered a snarly "Now means now."  He was upset because he didn't like the song playing on the system ( I don't make the playlist, FYI). I'm sorry you don't like Green Day buddy, but that's no reason to yell at me. And I'm sorry that you think you are so important that you can't get up off your own behind and push a button on an iPod. I have now coined a very nice nickname for him: JefFU.

2. Lack of sleep, Ty and I had a long talk last night, which resulted in me only getting 5 hours of sleep. It also resulted in a stuffy nose and the loss of a box of tissues, as I did a lot of crying. Everything is okay right now, but seriously, thin walls are no fun when you are having said situation.

3.  35 minutes spent on phone with Fed Ex. There was an issue with a package and JefFU needed to know why. The reason, "sometimes these things happen" is apparently not good enough for him. So, I, the temp, got the lovely job of calling a 1-800 number and getting transfered a million times. 

Golly, geee woow. Rotten day.

But I am home and I plan to sleep. 

I also plan to remove all traces of my name from this blog. 

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