Sunday, September 12, 2010

Reviewing "Shacking Up"

So it's no secret that I love the public library.

Free books?

I'm there.

The local public library happens to be in walking distance from my apartment, so I've already been there twice this week (one more reason that leads me to think that the star's aligned when I moved here).

And whilst there, I ran across a section in the Non Fic that stopped me in my tracks.

Apparently, there is a section about cohabiting and how to do it successfully.

Hello!? I need this book!

Unlike my love for the library, my dream of cohabiting with T is somewhat more secret. We've decided that next year we will consider taking the plunge--i.e sharing a lease.

Opting for the bubblegummy cover over the boring Idiot's Guide to Cohabiting (I kid not), I decided on Shacking Up: The Smart Girl's Guide to Living in Sin Without Getting Burned.

Doesn't that just sound more fun?

Sitting in my bathtub, soaking, I began reading this book. And I liked it. NOTHING was sugar coated. The Whitman Sisters discussed the whole statistic that I've heard in ALL my college psych classes: Cohabiting couples who marry risk a 50% divorce rate. But there is more to that statistic than meets the eye. 1. It is outdated and 2. It forgets to mention that cohabiting couples who have a plan (i.e marriage in a year) can actually have extremely successful marriages with low divorce reates. It's the cohab-couples who slid into marriage as a next resort or because they feel they should that are in trouble.

My favorite chapter was entitled "Breaking the News to Friends and Family." I definitely ear marked this section so I can review it a few times before the time comes.

My only major problemo with the book? Every person that was interviewed or referenced was 29+. What about us 22 year old gals, huh? I mean come on.

More musings and mumblings on cohabs later.

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