Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just Call Me Anne Hathaway

"I used to worry too much, take myself too seriously. I had to learn that perfectionism slows everything down. All it does is keep you motivated by fear." -Anne Hathaway

For some reason, I love this quote. I think it may have to do with the fact that Anne Hathaway and moi share a few similarities. We both admit to being perfectionistic at times and we both admit that we worry a little to much. My anxiety level, as well as my desire for perfection, is something that I grapple with everyday. After a quarter or so of counseling sessions last year at school, I've learned how to better deal with both. But I'm still dealing and I'm sure you'll see more of my battle to overcome it. Stick around long enough and you'll see what I mean.

Oh and speaking of Miss Hathaway, I had a Devil Wears Prada moment today. I had to pick up a sandwich for my boss. Just like Anne's character, I ran around town looking for the silly sandwich place( which was extremely hidden between a court building and an old opera house). And apparently my boss has "Miranda Presely" status, because as soon as I uttered his name the sandwich was in my hands.

Hello? I didn't know that this happened outside books and movies.

Also, I forgot to mention that the people I am working for are worth millions of dollars. Cool, yes. Intimidating, slightly.

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