Sunday, October 3, 2010


I have purposely stayed away from my blog for a few days because I didn't want to rant and complain about work. I don't think that most people want to hear a twenty-something complain about how they loath their part time job, when most people in this economy would gladly take any job that came their way. 

SO, the purpose of this entry is to build myself up instead of resort to pity parties. And so, I have made a few rules.


1. I will detach myself from the situation at work if things go sour (i.e my boss gets pissy) and remind myself not to take his actions so personally (i.e strap on the teflon skin)

2. I will remind myself that being given more hours is not a death sentence, but instead an opportunity to make more money. (Starting tomorrow, I will take on a 40 hour week).

3. I will take my mom's advice and try to give myself a purpose at my job--like remind myself that I am helping people or improving someone's day (this is hard for me: most of the time, the only person I feel like I'm helping is my boss, and personally, taking care of his cigar humidor and screening his calls for him doesn't seem like a lot in the grand scheme of humanity). BUT I'm going to try to find a purpose.

4. I will treat myself and take care of myself when things get stressfully or crummy.

5. I will leave my work drama at the door when I get home. Home is MY place and I choose for it to be a stress free atmosphere. 

6. I also want to remind myself that this is just a job. If something happens (like I get FIRED per say), I can always find another one. This whole year is simply a learning experience.

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