Saturday, September 25, 2010

This Week(ends)'s Agenda

Way back when, oh say about 10 years ago, I was a secretary for our local 4-H group. Go ahead and laugh (I am), but those peeps taught me to sew and cook and can like no one's business. And they also taught me how to take notes. In honor of them, I thought I'd borrow secretarial format...okay, not really because of them, but because I just wanted to.


1.Fight with best friend

2.Close proximity to brother

3.Arrogant dude at work


1.Fight with boyfriend (argument or disagreement is really a better word)

2. Enjoying close proximity to brother

3. Work is getting better.


1. A recent phone call which began with a compliment (Me: "can't wait for us to live together") and ended with a conflict (Him: "Sometimes thinking about this leaves me a little anxious.) Arrghhh! The most annoying thing about arguing long distance is that these things always seem to happen at an inopportune time---as did this one, as he was at a coffee house and I was surrounded by thin walls and roommates. Yikes.  Resolution? Yes. Lingering yucky feelings? Maybe just a bit.

2.  My brother and I hung out today. K joined the Crew team and as a result, we haven't gotten to hang out much. Apparently, Crew is both physically and socially draining. Anyways, I snatched K from the dorms, took him back to my place and made him a good ol' homemade dinner. He loved it. As did I. Perhaps we could make this a weekly thing? 

3. Work is getting better, like a said above. I've done everything from polish silver knifes to contact AG candidates to fax invoices. 9-3. That's me. Arrogant dude is still arrogant. And for some reason, I always make a fool of myself in front of him. But you know what? I'm putting on the teflon skin and just letting it slide off my shoulders. Or at least that's what I'm trying to do. 


1. Trip to SC to Visit T

2. Jersey Shore Parties

3. My Thrifting Glories



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