Sunday, July 25, 2010


I was a bit excited when I found out that Going the Distance, starring Drew Barrymore and Justin What's His Face, is attempting to chronicle the humor and heartache of a LDR. I'm not huge on Chick Flicks (another post for another post) but I am willing to check this one out or at least rent it.

Why was I so "excited" when I came across this movie? Because I'm in a long distance relationship that's why.

There are days when I feel that the world in front of me only consists of hand holding couples, flirtatious laughter and loving glances. On these particular days, it seems that everywhere I go people are in love. When the world around me morphs into a surreal version of Disneyland on Valentine’s Day, I must remind myself that I too have someone to laugh with and to love. It is on days like these that I am constantly reminded that I am in a long distance relationship, and it is days like these that I feel the most alone.

Yet, statistically I am not alone. According to The Journal of Social Psychology, about one third of all dating relationships amongst college students are long distance, and their prevalence is even greater amongst first year students, such as transfers or freshman. It appears that not only are more young adults opting for the college route, but choosing to follow their own dreams and goals despite the presence of a relationship. Ambitions are high—students are taking on both midterms and midmonth flights to their significant others. And to stay afloat in this fast paced age of texting and tweets, long distance relationships have transformed into three short letters: LDR.

The above is from an article I wrote last Fall for my UWP class. At that point, I was fed up with all the negativity that had been thrown my way regarding my own LDR. I was use to people's faces morphing into looks of pity when they heard that my boyfriend lived miles and miles away. I was use to people launching into long stories about their brother's cousin's nephew's own LDR that had ended in tragic break up. And I was sick of people questioning the validity of my relationship. As my boyfriend simply and aptly put it--"Most people think long distance relationships aren't real relationships."

But here I am, more than two years into mine and still going strong. Sure, the stress of such a relationship can wear on you. And sure, it takes work like everyone says.

(That being said, I definitely have to remember to charge my phone.)

But I wouldn't give it up for anything.


(yeah, whateves.)


Stay tuned for more LDR musings and mumbles.

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