Sunday, July 25, 2010

Explanations and Definitions

I feel a bit embarrassed. I haven't written a post for my blog in months. But who am I apologizing to?
My mother?
She's the only person who reads my blog--which may be one of the reason that I post so infrequently. In fact, right before graduation, my patience blew a fuse and I posted a not so nice, but extremely organized, rant about my former roommates. A day later, I received a voicemail from my mom saying "Do you really think you should post something like that? What if they [former roommates] were to read it?"
My Mother is usually right about these things.

So needless to say, I deleted the post and have yet to blog since. I think I'm a bit worried that my words will catch up to me someday.

But, the summer is half way over and I've decided I need to suck up this fear and keep writing, because really...what else is there to do?

My summer so far has consisted of the following:

1. Job hunting via my computer
Definition: An extremely saddening experience, which only highlights my lack of, well...experience. Also, online applications are a bitch. Seriously, who designed these things? A tortured soul, that's who. The last online application I filled out
took an hour and asked for a cover letter that I spent a good deal of time sweating over. Only come to find out, when I pushed the "submit application button," seconds later the status of my application read "under qualified." ?!?!? Thank you.

2. Reuniting with friends
Definition: Spending lot's of money on dinner, lunches, ice creams and coffee. Reminiscing about our friendship before we/I went away to college and mututally complaining about the job market. These reunions are kind of bittersweet, as in the back of my mind I know that this is all that is left of our friendship--meeting up every year or so when we are in the same location. Also, you begin to realize that people change. For example, good girls can turn into vodka stealing pot smokers. Who knew?

3. Studying for the CBEST
Definition: Having my younger brother reteach me basic mathematics. I hate math, and even more than I hate math---I hate math without a calculator. I am seriously panicking right now, as I still have a lot to cover and only a week or so left to study. And although I have been studying for a month, I have to say that morale is low. I seriously don't know what my chances are of passing the math portion.
Also, my brilliant idea to become a substitute teacher while I pursue other jobs turned out not to be so brilliant. Apparently, due to teacher lay offs, there are now plenty of highly qualified individuals who can be subs, leaving no room for individuals like me on the sub lists. Go figure. But I am pressing on. I'm going to get my CBEST score, darnnit!

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