Monday, May 3, 2010

The Post Where Lindsey Spends A lot

Still suffering from senioritis. I can't concentrate. I can't do much at all. I've decided that I am bored with all things school. And I've decided that my status as a Senior means that I have mastered school, which explains the boredom. This is what I'm telling myself.

This weekend I took a break from my psuedo stressful life and went to visit my boyfriend in Santa Cruz. Yes, I have a boyfriend in SC. Yes, that means I'm in a long distance relationship. Yes, that means another post for another day.

Anyways, it was a wonderful weekend. We swung down to Berkeley to pick up our friend and headed on to San Fran. There is something so freeing about spontaneous roadtripping. Also, the Parking Gods were on our side this weekend, as we did not have to pay a single penny for parking in Berkeley or San Fran. Thank you wonderful person who left us a three hour parking stub in the ticket vendor. Thank you random street in SF that has no parking limitations (we all got out and read the sign--we couldn't believe it either!).

The above made (both paragraph and picture) me very happy, because I spent a little too much this weekend. Not a lot, but just a little more than I typically do. But gas, and overpriced tourist clam chowder and the Santa Cruz Diner add up.

And to top it off, I went out again tonight. (You may get the notion that I don't eat out much because I tend to complain when I do--you're right.) However, tonight was special; I had dinner with my new roomies. Tonight, I had the pleasure of dinning with four UC girls. I'm kind of excited about next year because they seem like they are outgoing and fun. My current roommates are really sweet but extremely studious, which sometimes makes for boring conversation and boring Friday nights. (Currently, my roomate is reading outloud to herself in French) Hopefully, they will be a good balance of crazy fun and quiet nights at home. And hopefully I'll learn a new language because all four are billingual.

I have my Food Science and Folklore midterm tomorrow, so I'm praying that it goes well. I just filled in my dry erase calendar for this month, and realized that May is going to be a bit....full.

Like my stomach. Mmmm. Chocolate bunny from Easter. I may have had the will power to save it, but not the will power to stop once I'm eating it.

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