Thursday, May 20, 2010


I love lists. In fact, I think that if I ever did pursue a post bachelor degree it would be in Library Science. Yes, I know that there is more to it than just organized lists, but whatever. I love lists. Everyone around me knows this is true. Especially the strangers who sit next to me in lecture. If lecture gets boring, I find this an opportune time to either start doodling ( I doodle the weirdest things...) or make a list. In fact, I did this today during Developmental Pysch and Victorian Lit:

I want to do the following things next year:

-reteach myself to sew
-go dancing in Sac
-get a library card from the bibliotecha de Davis
-join a gym or find a yoga class
-learn how to trim my own bangs
-actually write in my blog/tumblr
-live the dorm life vicariously through my 18 year old brother....(another post for another time)
-buy a plant for my room and keep it alive
-learn how a "deal" with preparing raw meat (Explanation: my roommate is Vegetarian, and I try to respect that and consequencely haven't touched raw meat in forever)

So, that's the list.

More on that later.

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