Sunday, April 25, 2010

Breaking the Myth of Senioritis and Other Highlights of My Week

This blog may be labeled Life After College but unfortunately I am still in college at the moment. I say unfortunately because I am still taking midterms and buying books and attending lectures. And I am still stuck reading perhaps one of the most dreaded books in the English language--Paradise Lost. For those of you who don't know, I am an English major, so I do a lot of reading. Don't get me wrong, I am use to heavy reading. I eat and breathe books. But as of this quarter I want to take said book and throw it against the wall. I get the feeling that Milton and I would not have been friends. And I get the feeling that this thing called senioritis, really does exist.

For those of you who remember senioritis from high school, this is nothing like that. And for those of you who remember senioritis from college, you probably agree with the former. College senioritis is different. I am potentially leaving school behind FOREVER. (unless I grad school it, which is another story in itself). Leave behind late night cram sessions and annoying TAs and obnoxious term papers. The word FOREVER sounds really nice next to those items. And I'd say that it's enough to make anyone a little antsy and a little unmotivated (note how I am writing this and not reading Milton's masterpiece).

But moving on....

Highlights of this week:

I signed a lease. In August, I will be moving into a very nice but very small room and sharing an apartment with 4 other girls. Hello estrogen.

I went and saw Kick A** in theaters on Friday. Two things surprised me about this movie. One: how desensitized I--and millions-- have become to hardcore violence. And two: How much I loved this movie. Oh, Generation 00, we have issues.

I cleaned out/reorganized a ton of stuff. Apparently, I may lack motivation to do school related tasks, but I seem to have the energy to Spring Clean. As Lauren Conrad said last night on the never ending rerun of The Hills, and I loosely quote"There is something to be said about cleaning things out, you reevaluate your life." She was moving to a house with Audrina and Lo, and I was cleaning out my toiletries. Whatever. First time watching that show, and probably the last. But I make no promises when it comes to reality TV. Like I said, GEN 00 has issues.


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